En el espejo (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

In the Mirror

Come in,
I'm going to sing you a story
about an incomplete genie1
that didn't grant wishes,
only a mirror of Earth
to see within ourselves
and look where no one enters,
The good and the not so good,
in this eternal silence.
They say
that a young adventurer
looking for himself in the mirror
lost track of time.
Seeing his own reflection,
he saw what he didn't want to see,
because he went beyond the door
that the genie let him see,
and within there were beasts
that always caused him to fear.
They lived inside his body,
but beyond that door
traveled with the wind.
Before the sun rises with all hope
is when less is seen...
Before the sun rises with all hope
is when less is seen...
This brave person lived
without fear and without more secrets,
sought what he did not want
and removed it from his body.
He didn't want to grow old
dragging that weight
that he saw in so many people:
That is pure regret.
He wanted his lies
to travel with the wind
fearlessly and with no secrets
stopping time.
Before the sun rises with all hope
is when less is seen...
He's been standing so long with the entire burden,
that he no longer cares, he no longer cares to take a step without the fear of falling...
It already left, all the evil, there's no darkness.
What's coming is good, authentic, thrilling, constructive.
You will no longer see the need
to look down, get wrinkled, it's enough, it's enough.
  • 1. "genio" can also refer to a genius or a person's temperament
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En el espejo

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