En kungens man (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

A king's man

Maria walks on the road
Which leads to the city.
She sings and she laughs
At the larks in the sky.
She is on her way to the town square
To sell a little bread,
And the sun is rising warmest then,
And colors the sky red.
Then she meets a nobleman
And a horse with a bushy mane,
He says: " I am the kings man
So I take what I want to have.
And you are too beauiful
Not to have a man;
Follow me into the woods
I will show you what I can."
She is forced down into the grass,
And he touches her body.
She gets away and begs him
For God's sake stop.
But the knight only laughs
Intoxicated by his own ardour
So she takes his knife and stabs him
And the knight is dead.
They imprisoned Maria,
And she was stoned to death for homicide.
But the memory of the knight
It was celebrated every year.
Yes, the noblemen become heroes,
But the people are condemned.
And we who see how everything should go
We learn that we dreamed,
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This powerful tragic song, with lyrics and music by Björn Afzelius, is still a poignant social commentary. Titled "Kungens man" (King's man), it was also performed by Lisa Ekdahl, as well as Monica Tornell and Falconer (En kungens man).

Björn Afzelius in his 95 Sånger (95 Songs) book wrote the following notes

"Jag läste i den gamla Västgötalagen om hur man förr tid betraffades olika, beroende på vilken klass man tillhörde. Lagstiftningen har ändras sedan dess, men inte sättet på vilket dem tillämpas."

"I read in the old West Goth law about how you were previously regarded differently, depending on the class you belonged to. The laws have changed since then, but not the way in which they are practiced."


En kungens man

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