En natt i Santiago (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

One Night in Santiago

Love, no one knows where it is.
Love, one day it only stands there.
One night in Santiago, when I danced and drank,
suddenly I met your glance.
We live a thousand miles from each other.
We both know that everything we don't have is time.
One night in Santiago, while the clocks stood still,
and then everything had past.
"Goodbye, I have to leave now for my land."
(Now I must travel from you)
"But I have always thought about your fate."
(But you are always in my thoughts)
The most beautiful love is probably that
which never reaches more than infatuation.
One night in Santiago, sweet loss, sweet sorrow
May the memory rest in peace.
"I like when you're quiet
because you seem absent
and you hear me from afar,
and my voice doesn't affect you.
It seems that your eyes
would have flown
and it seems that a kiss
will close your mouth."*
("I like when you are quiet
because then you are absent
and you hear me at a distance
and my voice doesn't reach you.
Your eyes have looked their way
and a kiss can close your mouth.")**
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En natt i Santiago

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