Europa (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


Suddenly our eyes were opened,
suddenly we heard all the sounds.
Suddenly we were a part of the world,
suddenly our youth ended.
We saw a burning child in the room,
we saw an ice cold riot police,
we saw a young man who with a tank,
took another young man's life.
And we plunged out into the light,
and we gasped after air,
and we sharpened our senses to battle.
Now was it the hour of truth,
we should change history's time;
We were clocks in a crucial time.
Old friends come forward!
Let me shake your hands!
Let me thank you for all we did!
We were the future then,
and our victories last
as those do when one does what one ought to.
It is a truth, among many others,
that in every form of struggle
there are some who, when one succeeds,
always seem to be in the front longer.
But if battle success suddenly changes,
and when the will is all one has,
and one seeks those in the front it happens
that one finds them no longer there.
But the difference is good friends,
that those who always run away
always bear the defeat with them into their graves.
But those who battle if they do so,
and bullied by the cowards,
carry the victory all their days.
Opportunists go home!
You were never my friend!
And who needs tiring poses?
What you stood for
you will soon leave,
for you pursue where the winds are blowing!
But now there are new winds blowing,
and from significantly nearer directions;
Yes, now there are high pitched screams
from the world's rich people.
Now there are missiles in Europe,
and they are pointed against my children
Now the old culture will be sacrificed
until only the rats are left.
So I turn back in the night,
and I clench my gaunt hand,
and I curse that you are here, Mr. President!
But I will shout from the highest tower
and I will ring the bells;
Because I am stronger that I ever felt before!
Old friends, come forward!
Let me feel your hands;
Let us do exactly what we did!
We were the past then,
but we are contemporaries now,
so let us do what we ought to!
New friends come forth!
We need you now!
It's your visions that they are threatening!
You are the future now;
It's your decisions
which form the new Europe!
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Björn Afzelius wrote the following notes about his song:

"När Ronald Reagan blev USA's president 1980 tog världen ett stort kliv bakåt. Snart stod ryska och amerikanska kärnvapen nos mot nos vid gränsen mellan Västtyskland och DDR, och många fruktade det värsta. Även jag. En förfärlig tid - och en förfärlig president"

When Ronald Reagan became the President of the United States in 1980, the world took a large step backwards. Soon the Russian and American nuclear weapons were with us at the border between Western Germany and the DDR, and many feared the worst.. Even I. A terrible time and a terrible president."



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