Faca na caveira! (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Faca na caveira!

Infantaria! Infantaria!
Fui chamado pra guerrear,
Mas na hora H1quem diria!?
O meu fuzil resolveu falhar.
Com a faca entre os dentes2, a ordem era matar.
A pele do inimigo eu pus no mastro da bandeira.
Por isso eu sou chamado de Faca na Caveira.
É Faca, é Faca, é Faca na Caveira.
Patrulha, patrulha, patrulha a noite inteira
Na selva, nas guerras, no Mendanha e Madureira3
Escutem, escutem a risada da Caveira!:
"Iahaha, iahahahaha, iahaha, iahahahaha."
  • 1. "Hora H" means "the most important moment".
  • 2. Could literally be "with knife between (one's) teeth", but in Portuguese, it means things like "with determination or dedication or courage, etc.".
  • 3. Mendanha and Madureira are Brazilian neighborhoods
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إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Knife in the skull!

النسخ: #1#2
Infantry! Infantry!
I've been called up to war,
But, at the most important moment, who would've thought
My rifle'd end up jamming1?!
With determination, the order was to kill.
I hung the enemy's skin up on the flagpole.
This is why I'm called Knife in the Skull.
It's Knife, it's Knife, it's Knife in the Skull.2
Patrol, patrol, patrol all night long
In the jungles3, at wars, in the Mendanha and Madureira neighborhoods
Hear, hear the Skull's laughter!:
"Yahaha, yahahahaha, yahaha, yahahahaha."
  • 1. Or malfunctioning. It's when one's gun stops working perfectly.
  • 2. I'm Knife, I'm Knife, I'm Knife in the Skull.
  • 3. Plural.
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