Faith in Humanity (إلى أوردو ترجم)


Faith in Humanity

Know I still have, faith in humanity,
Living this world that is built on vanity,
Have the people round me lost their sanity?
Needs more clarity, no more panicking,
And I still have faith in humanity,
Life is a gift, when I can give charity,
I was once broken nobody can't damage me,
Nor shackle me, keep positivity
Said I still have faith in humanity,
Future of the Earth could be bright or challenging,
Hold in our hands, in our hands future manage it,
No more damaging, no more damaging
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إلى أوردو ترجمأوردو
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انسانیت میں ایمان

Abhi bhi insaniyat pe, mujhe aaas hai
Rehte hue iss duniya me; jiski khudgarzi buniyaad hai
Kya kho chuke hai hosh? mere aaspaas log?
Chahiye aur Nazar ki safaahat, Nahi aur ghabrahat, (
Haan Mujhe insaniyat pe abhi bhi hai bharosa
Tohfa hai Ye zindagi, karna hai mujhe iska sadqa
Ek baar main toot chuki, ab Kya todega koi
Ab iss umeed ko Kya bandhega koi.
Bharosa hai mujhe abhi bhi insaniyat pe.
Iss duniya ka Mustaqbil roshan hai ya bhara hai mushkilon se
In Hathon ko pakad, inn hathon me mustaqbil ka intezam hai
Wo aur Nahi jo nuksaandeh hai
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