on the fence

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Idiomatic translations of "on the fence"

Sit on the fence

Meanings of "on the fence"


If you're on the fence, you can't decide something. You're torn between two options.

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Nem tudja melyik ujjàba harapjon.

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в нерешительности; отказывающийся занять определённую позицию.

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Rammstein - Marry me

There next to the bells sleeps a stone
And I alone can read it
And the red rooster on the fence
Has once been your heart

Cheo Feliciano - El Raton

if where ever he hides
his queen goes searching for him
at night jumps on the fence
that is behind my house

Tessa Violet - Crush

("It's what I was born to do")
And yeah it's true that I'm a little bit intense, right
But can you blame me when you keep me on the fence, like
And I've been waiting, hoping that you'd wanna text, like

LP - Fighting with Myself

You know you're not makin' sense.
No, baby, don't keep me on the fence,
Cuz I'm in love with you!

6LACK - 6LACK-Free

I'm living, I know you can't relate
Now I'm feeling freer than I've ever been
And you know I was down, now I'm on the fence

Takuto - Number Two

Only when you die do you shine The annoyance is been said with all talk
Therefore I walk There's no sound of wailing I'm Number 2
Look now and see If you put your hand on the fence, countdown
"The train's coming for me" Ah, now for sure, there won't be a "it was all a dream"

Chase Atlantic - You Too

And I don’t even wanna pretend
Should've listened when they told me it's a means to an end, yeah
And now I'm all on the fence
I was only nineteen with a lack of respect

Takuto - Number Two (Nanbatsu)

In death I shine for the first time; it’s a habit to be told I’m just paying lip-service
So I walk, lamenting soundlessly; I’m number two
Glared at and told to watch; when I put my hand on the fence, the countdown begins
“The train is coming to me” ahhh, I hope it doesn’t end as a dream this time...

Kendrick Lamar - LOYALTY.

A better way to make a wave, stop defendin' them
I meditate and moderate all of my wins again
I'm hangin' on the fence again
I'm always on your mind

Rammstein - Marry me

There by the bells sleeps a stone
and I alone can read it
and on the fence the red cock
that has been your heart for a time

Chelou - Damned Eye See

Sure you've been having fun
At my expense
Time is a loaded gun and I'm on the fence
Warm it up enough for me

The Neighbourhood - Afraid

Make that money, fake that bunny, ache my tummy
On the fence, all the time
Paint young honey, face so sunny, ain’t that funny

Rudy Ray Moore - The signifying monkey

He said he spotted your niece behind the tree
Screwing a muthafuckin flea
He said he saw your aunt sitting on the fence
Giving a goddamn zebra a French

Simone & Simaria - Crazy

Where are you? Where were you hidding?
Because he was the one that didn't deserve you
You insist in sitting on the fence
Hoping a change in a guy who got no future

Bigflo et Oli - Normal life

I swear I'm trying but I can't! When you act like a star people talk, you know
Far away from those no-go parties, 'cause I prefer grenadine over champagne
I have a foot in each camp and I'm sitting on the fence, trying to find my place
'Till the day my dream life will collapse and scrap all my pads

Paolo Nutini - Candy

All the cheap and the sugary philosophies
Have got me on the fence just waiting and waiting

DDT - Unchained Will

Dark enterance :
now there is one more dead -
pain on the fence,
drop after drop in us

Kongos - I Want To Know

Living under pretense
Always on the defense
Always on the fence
Tell me, what's it gonna be

Frenkie - Karma

Frenkie the Maginificent, call me the conductor

I sit in my castle, hater's blood on the fence
They pay their dues, we're like a bank in comparison to B. Obama

Pero Defformero - Gastrabaiter

The moment I returned i bought land, I'm building a castle on four floors
On the fence white eagles, lions guard my door
A huge satellite dish took up half of the floor