How to write HTML code in a stylish font style?

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This website is awesome and here people are very helpful so I am here to ask a question about the font style my question is I see a lot of the font style on the Fonts Bee website so my question is can I used the designing font style in the writing of the HTML code

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Welcome to LT. Based on here, you can use some 'filtered HTML' in text box, which allows the following HTML tags <a> <em> <strong> <cite> <quote> <blockquote> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <p> <table> <tr> <td> <fn> <footnote> [footnote] <div> <pre> <ruby> <rt> <rp>.

This "style" attribute for the "p" tag in these set of tags (the usual way to change HTML font) (see here) seems not working. So, I guess you can not change the font family (although you can make it bold, italic, underlined, etc.).

Fancy fonts have not been popular in LT. However, you can suggest it to be added as a feature to admins here. I suggest you first search the forums to see if this hasn't been discussed before. I guess you might need to add two suggestions: 1- Being able to change the font to one already available for HTML (e.g. Arial - see the link in the previous paragraph) 2- Being able to add a new custom font to the fonts available (e.g. see here)