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[SOLVED] Varsın

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تاريخ الانضمام: 09.01.2013
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Please help me analyze and understand the Turkish word "varsın" in Edis - Yalancı.

I have already translated this song into Persian but I want to polish my translation (i.e., make my rough translation more accurate).

Varsın hiç güldürmesin seninleyken anlamsız

This song has been translated into English twice both of which by Turks (one from Turkey and the other one from Azerbaijan).

One translation says:

Let it never make laugh, it's meaningless when I'm with you.

I think "Varsın" has been omitted here completely and has no reflections in the English translation.

The other one says:

Let it never makes us smile without you, it's meaningless

Interestingly, the Turkish word "seninleyken" has been translated into "without you" here. I'm not sure if it's just a mistake or it's because of "varsin" or some other reason.


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The use of "varsın" here means "let it be, it's ok, no problem etc.",
so as a native speaker, it may be " it's ok (No matter) if it doesn't make me smile without any reason when you are by my side", can be improved by a person who has poetic abilities. all the best

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"mrt" explained the meaning of the word. I would like to convey to you what the "author" is trying to convey here.If we take the sentence with a comma, it is more meaningful, the original is like this. I would like to add something, I mostly use "varsın" as "so be it" when doing "ENG → TR" translations.

"Varsın hiç güldürmesin, seninleyken anlamsız"

I have a few different thoughts and I will explain them in articles.

• Edis may be refer to the previous line here. He's making a "letter game" in the previous line, and it can be used for something laughable. "If love is a big lie, I'm the biggest liar." I'm with you, I'm fall in your love, if that (Varsın) doesn't make you laugh, so it's meaningless. ("Varsın" mean's you are here with me, I have your love)

• When we live in the game of love, we generally have fun and laugh. Edis refer "I'm beside you, even if it doesn't make me laugh." ("Varsın" mean's "so be it")

That's all I can think of, but it can be multiplied. My main field is "Hip Hop Music" and I did not work in the field of "Pop", I did not enjoy working. That's why I can't say "that's the way it is" to the information I've given but they are all possible thoughts. While specifying these, you can use one meaning in the translation (whichever you feel comfortable with) and indicate the other meaning with a "footnote".

Thanks for reading mine. Hope I can help.

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تاريخ الانضمام: 09.01.2013

Thank you very much!

I like your second interpretation. That perfectly fits.