Fröken Julie (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Miss Julie

You had lost the first illusion
of the largest myth we heard since we were small.
But for my part the problem was of a completely different nature,
because the tavern already closed at 2 a.m.
Yes, you sat there in the ruin of pure love
with one who had Baccus on his knee.
The one who suffered an injustice which demanded revenge,
the other wanted to drink up his soul.
A glance that long since was broken
saw in one who blazed like fire.
A question just as mindless as all too often bewildered
became the key to a high class hotel.
Yes, you wanted to smell the scent of a drunk against your body
to wash away a completely different aroma.
And you thought that if a pig can be cleaned of clay
then you could go like a newborn from there.
Julie, yes, that was certainly your name.
Yes, I remember you fell off the chair when I said that mine was Jean.
Yes, fate sat with trump in the hand in a game
where you and I were low cards on the table.
A loveless and wordless spasm in the darkness.
A towel on a feather bed which was cold.
A sweater against a chair on a carpet full of nails.
A long john against a silk stocking's edge.
Yes, I noticed that you pretended to sleep when I left,
and hopefully you thought like me;
That it did no damage but it did nothing good
And even hollow nights are followed by a day.
No, it did no damage, but it did nothing good.
And even hollow nights are followed by a day.
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Björn Afzelius wrote the following notes about this song:

"En pendang till August Strindberg, min favoritförfattare. Överklassdamen och slusken möts i ett famntag - ett evigt tema. Hon vill förnedra sej, han slipper frysa en natt. Hon har allt att förlora, han har aldrig haft något"

Håkon Skytte, som spelade rytmeinstrument i Hoola Bandoola Band, hyrde en tid en bondgård i Månstorp i Skåne. Mitt skivbolag i Göteborg köpte i samma veva en inspelningsbuss. Vi körde ner bussen till Håkan, ställde den på gårdsplanen, drog in en multikabel, riggade upp förstärkare, mikrofoner och trummor inomhus och spelade in hela plattan i hans vardagsrum. En hemmainspelning innan begreppet ännu var uppfunnet. Vår tekniker, Johannes Leyman, var skolad i klassiskt pianospel och spelar stråkmaskin, ett instrument som numera helt försvunnit.

Inspelningen skedde endast drygt tre månader efter Hoola Bandoola Bands upplösning, varför samtliga övriga musiker på denna inspelning är gamla Hoola-medlemmar. Jag hade ännu ingen egen orkester."

"A companion piece to August Strindberg, my favorite writer. The upper class lady and the ruffian meet in an embrace - an eternal theme. She wants to humiliate herself, he does not want to freeze in the night. She has everything to lose, he has never had anything"

Håkon Skytte, who played rhythm instruments in Hoola Bandoola Band, one time rented a farmhouse in Månstorp in Skåne. My record company in Gothenburg bought a recording bus in the same way. We drove the bus to Håkan, put it in the yard, pulled in a multi-cable, rigged up amplifiers, microphones and drums indoors, and recorded the entire record in his living room. A home recording before the concept was invented. Our technician, Johannes Leyman, was educated in classical piano playing and plays a string machine, an instrument that has now completely disappeared.

The recording took just over three months after the dissolution of the Hoola Bandoola Band, so all other musicians on this recording are old
Hoola members. I still did not have my own orchestra."


Fröken Julie

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