Fri som en fånge (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Free as a prisoner

Lena grew up in the '60s,
she lived only for The Beatles.
She became radical in the '70s,
then it was only politics
To discover the world was a kick,
she wanted to change everything that happened.
She was free as a bird early in May.
She toiled in the Social Democrats Youth in the 80s,
and she didn't want to fight alone.
And soon she joined a parlimentary party,
they said that she was more than suited.
In the beginning tolerance was high,
and she just wanted to show that she was good enough.
She was as free as a bird early in May.
But something strange happens
when one gets power.
Something one never knew before.
It is like a drug,
it becomes a need.
One only knows that one wants
never to be released from it.
So Lena also began to orient herself
and tone down her wild talk.
She chose it herself,
she had no aggression.
But in the Swedish Social Democratic Party one learns
to suggest that which no one says.
Now Lena sits bound
by feet as well as by hands.
And one asks her how she once thought
she doesn't remember what she felt.
Today she has no other goal
than to collect points and seniority.
She is as free as a prisoner in the Hall prison.
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In the "Tankar vid 50" album jacket, Björn Afzelius wrote a footnote to his foreign friends about this song:

SSU är det svenskademokratiska ungdomsförbundet (SSU is the Swedish Social Democrats Youth Party)
SAP iär de svenskademokratiska partiet (SAP is the Swedish Social Democratic Party)
Hall är en känt svenskt fängelse (Hall is a well known Swedish prison)


Fri som en fånge

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