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The Migrant Girl

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I saw a migrant girl along Tuna (River)
There is a rose bouquet in her hands, the yearning is in her bosom
Tell me tell me the migrant girl, do you have mother?
Neither mother nor father I have, I'm orphaned
You are an orphan I am a poor, I shall take you (marry you)
I shall take and surround you abroad
Are there any news from the wires of telegraph?
There is neither news nor a letter, I 'm orphaned
Tell me the truth the migrant girl, is there no news?
There is neither someone coming nor going, I'm orphaned
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öksüz kalmışım is in indefinite past tense, but I thought that the present tense fits better in English. We use this indefinite tense as when we learn something from someone else or when we realize something and when we tell a story.

about "telgrafın telleri", it was the only way of receiving news from other cities in old times. So I guess the lyrics refer to the post office with this phrase.

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Göçmen Kızı

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