Galusè (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

طلب تصويب الأخطاء


Eo so Galusè,
logu delissiosu e de incantu,
firma inoghe su pe’
o passizeri, custu est logu santu.
Eo cunfido in te,
tzertu as a acurrer a mi dare vantu
chin bellas cumpagnias
a t’infriscare chin sas abbas mias.
Eo umile in custa rocca
mai de murmurare apo cessadu:
bentu fritu e froca
an sas venas mias astragadu.
Mai però sa broca
at su nettare sou ismentigadu:
pedidu m’at continu
sos bundantes umores ch’apo in sinu.
Ancoras oe in die
no mi mancant durtzuras e bisitas:
totus current a mie
e si consolant de sas abbas fritas,
E deo rie rie
cuntento brocas mannas e brochitas;
dae custas fritas venas
semper partint sas brocas prenas.
A cust’abba, sididas,
sunt bennidas donosas verginellas,
a mie sunt bennidas
bajanas de Sardigna sas prus bellas.
Totas si sunt fritidas
a mi fagher onore: pastorellas,
signorinas e damas,
de me cuntentas nd’ant contadu fama.
Dae logos istranzos
bennidu b’at dottissimas persones
in festas e in pranzos
cottu b’ant crapitos e anzones
e mandigos licanzos:
puddas, porcheddos, pische e macarrones.
In custas abbas puras
ant ismaltidu celebres cotturas.
Totus s’ant divertidu
ismentighende ‘ogni cuntierra:
preides apo ‘idu
cottos, cantende a sonu ‘e ghiterra;
antzis, nd’apo assistidu
beatamente istrampados in terra,
in bratzos d’una vera,
solenne, reverenda imbriaghera.
E inoghe sa tristura
morit, e torrat s’animu serenu.
Sa sogra cun sa nura
in custas abbas lassant su velenu!
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إلى الإنكليزية ترجمالإنكليزية
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I am Galusè,1
a delicious and enchanting place,
restrain your foot here,
passerby, this is a sacred place.
I trust in you,
you certainly will rush to praise me
with nice companies
and to freshen up with my waters.
In this rock, humbly,
I’ve never ceased to murmur:
cold wind and snow flakes
froze my sources.
And yet pitchers have
never forgotten their nectar:
they continuously asked me
for the abundant humours I have inside me.
Nowadays I still
don’t lack gentleness nor visits:
everyone rushes to me
and rejoices with my fresh waters.
And laughing,
I fill up big and small pitchers;
when leaving this cool sources,
pitchers are always full.
Graceful little virgins
have come to this water, thirsty;
and the most beautiful
maidens of Sardinia came to me.
All of them have bowed
to honour me: young shepherdesses,
fine girls and ladies,
pleased, have spread my fame.
From distant places
very learned people came;
at parties and lunches
they roasted kids and lambs
and tasty meals:
chickens, piglets, fish and macaroni.
In this pure waters
they sobered up great drunkenness.
Everyone had fun
and forgot every strife:
I saw drunk priests
singing to the guitar sound;
in fact, I’ve even aided some of them
lying blissfully on the ground
in the arms of a real,
solemn, reverend fuddle.
Every sadness vanishes over here
and minds return serene.
Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law
in these waters give up their poisoned quarrels.
  • 1. Galusè is a pleasant fount of fresh water where mountain people used to gather for snacks and parties. Many mountain springs in Sardinia still bear names in Nuragic (pre-Latin) language which are no longer understandable.
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This song, performed in the ancient polyphonic style (cantu a tenores) is taken from a longer poem by Peppinu Mereu (1872-1901). It begins in an idyllic and conventional tone, but later, in the last stanzas, it resumes the usual Mereu’s anticlerical satire.

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