Geneva May - Blue Roses


Blue Roses

Scene 1 
The memory play 
Rise and shine my darling Laura
Rise and shine from your blue dreams
In the album of my memory 
I was dreaming, dreaming a dream of Blue roses.
Then, that blue suddenly turned into blues. 
Memory is a play
Truth is my dream. 
My truthful dream 
A happy dream.
I would play my memories all day long
As sentimental as I am. 
My truthful dreams 
Remind me to wake up to 
Wake up to a realistic world 
That I approached
Long ago 
When those dreams made out of glass 
I had given my dreams to someone else.
He´d call me Blue Roses.
“Hello Blue Roses”
“Mr O´Connor, Have you kept up with you're singing? 
Yes, I remember what a beautiful voice you had.
Have you heard me sing? 
Oh yes, Very often.
I don't suppose that you remember me at all…
You know, as a matter of fact, I did think I had seen you somewhere before 
You know, it was almost like I was about to remember your name
But the name I was about to remember wasn't a name. 
So I stopped myself before I said it.”
(What’s in a name anyway? That which we call a rose…)
“Wasn't it Blue Roses? 
I didn't know you were Shakespeare´s sister!”
The heart of conversations.
These are still the conversations in my heart.  
That music plays to my memory. 
He never married 
It´s not a problem. 
I never marry, 
It is destruction. 
“My glass collection takes a very good deal of time
Glass is something that you have to take very good care of. 
You gave up on education! 
Be careful, if you break it - It breaks.
I trust you with it. 
Hold him up in the light! 
He just loves light. 
You see how much it shines through him? 
My mother calls them my glass menagerie.” 
“A unicorn ah…
Aren't they supposed to be extinct in the modern world? 
He doesn't complain about it. 
Maybe, it´s a blessing in disguise.”
I am not made out of glass, I thought I was. 
But I am not. 
I am not made out of glass.
I am  
Blue Roses.
I dream of truth.
I desert deception. 
I left my loneliness with my innocent wishes. 
I dream of happiness because I have lost my naive illusions.
“Deception Deception Deception 
Please don't stare at me mother!”
I dream of softness, smoothness, sweetness. 
“What are we gonna do? 
What is gonna become of us? 
What is the future?”
The future is blue 
Blue paint.
Blue clouds.
Blue paint. 
Blue oceans.
“I was under the impression you were an adult.
It seems I was entirely mistaken.”
Blue dreams.
Blue roses.
Scene 2 Blue Dreams
Scene 3 Thunder 
Scene 4 Midnight zone
Scene 5 Wishing on a blue moon
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