Glasnost (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

  • الفنان: Björn Afzelius
  • يؤدى الأغنية أيضا:: Kurbits & Rötjut, Tommy Knyckare, Lena Bohlin
  • الأغنية: Glasnost
إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


Warm winds blow now,
they say it is spring.
Winter is said to be finished
for this year.
New smells are in the air now,
now the flowers come.
They promise better times
in Moskow.
But the cities still stink,
and the air is filled with gas,
when corpses rot in Afghanistan.
And still the women cry
over hundreds of thousands of children
who fade away in tents in Pakistan.
There is a price for freedom
which all know is true;
The price will always
be constant:
When freedom is lost
in one single place
then it is lost
And still the bombs are falling
over those who have nothing;
Still the people are burning in Afghanistan.
But as long as knights of death
keep their cold hatred
there still exists winter in Moscow.
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"Gorbatjev talade om "Den nya öppenheten". Men samtidigt brann Afghanistans kvinnor och barn"

"Gorbachev talked about "The new openness." But at the same time Afghanistan's women and children burned."



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