to go overboard

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Idiomatic translations of "to go overboard"

впадать в раж
se jeter à l'eau

Meanings of "to go overboard"


a. to go too far
b. to lose touch with reality because of enthusiasm or some other cause
a. He went overboard with drinking
b. He went overboard over his new business idea

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Totò - Carme', Carme

men are too few,
while women are way too many
So I want to go overboard
and have two more aside of you.

La Grande Sophie - You sleep

You sleep but do you think I’m still dreaming?
Or am I going to go overboard?
What has happened to all our efforts?

Daníel Óliver - Still Not

He has gone, gone to the club
He's dancing with everyone - you want to stop that
But you need to, need to go overboard
Let me show you what you're doing wrong