Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune


Highway Tune

Oh mama
No stoppin' at the red light girl cause I wanna get you said now
No goin' at the green light girl cause I wanna be with you now
You are my special,
You are my special,
You are my midnight,
Midnight, yeah
So sweet, so fine, so nice
Oh my, my my, my my,
No stoppin' on the highway girl cause I wanna burn my gas
There's one girl that I know I'm never gonna pass
She is my special,
She is my special,
She is my midnight,
Midnight, yeah
So sweet, so fine, so nice
Oh my, my my,
My my, oh
Oh yeah
So sweet
So fine
So nice
Oh my, my my, my my
Oh sugar
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Lyrics from From the Fires liner notes.

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GabriHylianGabriHylian    الأثنين, 26/03/2018 - 04:14

Although the YouTube video lyrics refer to the following verse as

"No stoppin 'at the red light girl cause I wanna get you SAID NOW"

It is not correct, the correct would be "I wanna get YOUR SIGNAL"

As can be evidenced in here:
This link comes directly from the song's Spotify page. "Said now" doesn't even make any sense.. Could someone fix it? Thanks in advance

absolutelsewhereabsolutelsewhere    الثلاثاء, 27/03/2018 - 07:09

Thanks for checking on this. I dislike seeing incorrect lyrics as much as anyone, but in this case, I transcribed these lyrics directly from the physical liner notes included with the From the Fires CD, so I assume they're pretty official.

"I wanna get you said now" could work if you read it as "I wanna get you, [I] said now," as in, "I wanna get you, and I mean now." I personally think "your signal" sounds a bit better too, but I don't think it's what the band wrote.

GabriHylianGabriHylian    الثلاثاء, 04/09/2018 - 05:18

I see. I don't know how official Spotify / Genius lyrics are. I'm inclined to think that they are pretty official though, especially because the "Behind The Lyrics" feature in Spotify not only shows the lyrics alongside the playback but also includes some sort of interview with the band / trivia about the song, which provides many insights on their songwriting process. I believe that Spotify, being such a big company, would double check the lyrics prior to enabling such a feature..

Moreover, I can't really hear that, I can hear the "G" in "signal" pretty well, and your take on the meaning - "I wanna get your said now", well,
to a listener, it would end up sounding like it means "I wanna make you sad now" and I believe that they would avoid something like that. The line is sung way too fast, adding a comma doesn't quite cut it for me. As wild as lyrics may go, that keeps sounding way too out of place and unaudible to me.

Having other sources with the signal part is all right for me, so I'll maintain my position. If I could hear that exact thing I would definitely rest my case, but, well, you got the CD, I know you've got good will (and good taste) so I won't stress much for a single line. I will let my translation as it is and make a footnote. Thanks