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Black Boys / White Boys كلمات أغنية

  • الفنان: Hair (Musical)
  • ألبوم: Hair
  • الترجمات الفرنسية

Black Boys / White Boys

Black boys are delicious,
Chocolate flavored love,
Licorice lips like candy,
Keep my cocoa handy !
I have such a sweet tooth
When it comes to love.
Black boys are delicious,
Mocha mousse, hot fudge,
Maple syrup plenty,
Hot brown sugar daddies,
They are my desert trays
When it comes to love.
Once I tried a diet
Of quiet, rest, no sweets,
But I went nearly crazy,
And I went nearly crazy,
Because I really craved for
My chocolate-flavored treats,
Black boys are nutritious,
Black boys fill me up !
Black boys are so damn yummy,
They satisfy my tummy !
Black boys are delicious,
Raisins in the sun,
Black, black, black,
Black, black, black,
Black, black,
Black boys!
White boys are so pretty,
Skin as smooth as milk !
White boys are so pretty,
Hair like Chinese silk !
White boys give me goose bumps,
White boys give me chills.
When they touch my shoulder,
That's the touch that kills.
Well, my momma calls 'em lilies,
I call 'em Piccadillies.
My daddy warns me : "Stay away!"
But I say white boy : "Come on and play!"
White boys are so groovy,
White boys are so tough,
Every time that they're near me,
Just can't get enough.
White boys are so pretty,
White boys are so sweet,
White boys drive me crazy,
Drive me indiscreet!
White boys are so sexy,
Legs so long and lean,
Love those sprayed-on trousers,
Love the love machine!
My brother calls 'em rubble
- That's my kind of trouble -
My daddy warns me : "no no no no!"
But I say : "White boys go go go go!"
White boys are so lovely,
Beautiful as girls.
I love to run my fingers
And toes through all their curls.
Give me a tall,
A lean,
A sexy,
A sweet,
A pretty,
A juicy
White boy!
Black boys!
White boys!
Black boys!
White boys!
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