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Happy encount (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

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  • الأغنية: Happy encount ألبوم: Happy encount
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Happy encount

近頃へんね 素敵だったものを
どうしよう 本当の始まりを
例えば 物語の行間の隙間に
(あたりまえの 日常に)
Hello! 広がる世界
デタラメなステップで 踊りましょう
イニシアチブは 私 (make the world go around)
プロトタイプは 私 (make the world my self)
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In the Land of Leadale's opening theme.

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Happy Encount

Nowadays, things that used to be wonderful
have become less than so in my eyes.
What to do? My true beginning -
to there I must return.
What if, in the spaces in-between the lines of my story
(in the obviousness of the everyday),
beyond the dream I'd encountered -
Hello! A world's expanding?
It's instinct. Let's glorify a Pop Story with Joy!
We've no longer any need for transient words!
Let's dance with a slapdash step;
I'll take the initiative (make the world go round)
It's always simple and clear; we only ever rise up.
Join to the past and to the future as you dash off.
Let's live on impulse and in delusion!
I'll be the prototype (make the world my self)
I understand as I embark:
delight always comes around to someone.
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