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Last Night was the End of the World كلمات أغنية

  • الفنان: Henry Burr (Harry Haley McClaskey) يؤدى الأغنية أيضا:: Claire Rochester

Last Night was the End of the World

We were alone in the moonlight
There in the shadow below
Last night seems to me in my dreaming
Was thousands of years ago
Sweet was the story I told you
Sweet, but the end was a sigh
You told me that you loved another
Last night when you said goodbye
Last night the stars were all aglow
Last night I loved, I loved you so
My heart was glad for you were near
I held your hand and called you dear
My dear, and then the stars grew dim and cold
The moon grew pale, my heart grew old
My dream is o'er, to live no more
Last night was the end of the world
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