Hilf mir (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Help me

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I've been all alone at home
both parents out of the house
Suddenly, I saw in front of me
a little pretty⁰ box¹
Ei², I said how beautiful and fine
This has to be a great toy
I'll light a match
The way I've seen my mother do it
Whenever I'm lonely
I'm drawn to the fire
Why is the sun round
Why won't I get healthy
It's reaching for me, I don't fight it
jumps at my face with its claws extended
It bite's down hard causing me a lot of pain
I'm jumping around in my room
Geez, the flame is catching my dress on fire
my jacket burns, it's seen from afar.
It burns my hand, it burns my hair.
Even my whole body's on fire
Everytime I'm lonely
I'm drawn to the fire
Why is the sun round
Why won't I get healthy
The fire loves me
Help me
The fire loves me not
The fire loves me
I'm burned from head to toe
Everything is completely burned
Out of the ash, all alone
I'm rising up towards the sunshine
The fire loves me
The fire loves me not
Help me
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تعليقات الكاتب:

¹Schächtelchen: in German we're putting a -chen at the and to make things smaller. So a "Schachtel" would be a box and a "Schächtelchen" is a little box.

Kasten - cupboard/chest,
Kästchen - small cupboard/chest
Turm - tower
Türmchen - small tower

⁰ wörtlich: nett anzusehen - nice to be looked upon.

² Ei - normally this would be an egg, in this context it's an exclamation like "oh", "eh"


Hilf mir