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Let's Talk In Bed كلمات أغنية

  • الفنان: Hitomi Tohyama (当山ひとみ, Hitomi "Penny" Tohyama)
  • ألبوم: Sexy Robot

Let's Talk In Bed

I've been trailing you
Like a fox that preys on a rabbit, yearning
And burning, and Hide 'n' Seek
You are my number one
Be my favourite, let's have fun
The world seems like a brand new place
If you wipe that worries off your face
I'm "behind you"
Just do your thing
Get it, let it come on top - you can do it
Feel good tonight
Want to be your only one - I'm your lady
Don't play it cool
Let me wrap you in my arms - need you baby
※We don't wanna stop until it's morning
Every little thing's gonna be in perfect mood
Come closer together, let's just talk in bed
Satisfaction, we got it tonight
I'm a red hot lover, burning in my soul
Let's share the night, huh, you'll lose control
"Sexy Robot", out of sight
"Let's talk in bed", turn off that light
Oops, upside your head
Watch that hand, you're in the red
Don't be a one night lover
You're much too hot to be my cover
Your love and kiss
Shows emotions getting strong - I can feel it
Tick on the wall
We have waited much too long - want you baby
Don't hesitate
Give me everything you got - rock me honey
※ repeat
My oh my, it's past midnight
Slippin' flippin', quick and slow, "I tried to say"
Glad expression, wrong impression
Life's confusion, love's illusion
Let's all make a cheers, empty bottles
What do you want? "Cocktail, whiskey, me?"
Turn on the radio, twist and shout
Get that groove, let it move, let it all come out!
Party out there, party over here
You're looking good, you look so fine
I'm about to lose my mind
Want to kiss you, "wanna kiss"?
"We are in the dark",
No, now don't touch me
Slow down, slow hand, give that "slow love"
You know what I mean?
You've been making some mistakes
I'm not "Cathy", your old lover
I am Penny, there's no other, alright
"F" super boss, "Y.Y." I love his song
"K.C" writes lyrics, arranger "S.K."
Love and thanks to S●T●N●M●N
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تعليقات الناشر:

name drops in the last verse:
"F" = Hikaru "Flash" Kanematsu
"Y.Y." = Yoshihiro Yonekura
"K.C." = Chinfa Kan
"S.K." = Seiichi Kyoda
"M●N" is probably her sisters Myrah & Nancy but I'm not sure of the first 3 letters


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