Cry me a river

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Idiomatic translations of "Cry me a river"

Rotz und Wasser heulen
виплакати (сплакати) очі
piangere come una fontana/come un vitello
lágrima tendida
Llorar como una Magdalena
Chorar como uma Madalena (arrependida)
Изплака/х си очите
salya sümük aglamak
Göz pınarları kuruyana kadar ağlamak
iki gözü iki cesme aglamak
Выплакать все глаза
Plače dok mu oči ne ispadnu
pleurer à chaudes larmes
Pleurer tout son soul
گریانی زۆر و بۆ ماوەیەکی زۆر
Sírj egy folyónyit
πλαντάζω/βαλαντώνω στο κλάμα

Meanings of "Cry me a river"


To weep profusely or excessively in the presence of another person. To attempt to gain sympathetic behavior from them. To try to obtain the sympathy of another person by complaining or sniveling, whining.
Used commonly sarcastically as a statement, "Oh, cry me a river." It means that the speaker is not empathic with the person crying and/or complaining.

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울고있는 사람에게 시니컬하게 받아치는 말. 너가 슬퍼하던 아니던 난 더 신경쓰고 싶지 않다, 울던지 말던지 라는 뜻.

울 일도 아닌데 운다 (난 그것보다 더한 것도 겪었다) 라는뜻. Don't cry me a river가 실상에선 더 많이 쓰이는데, 이는 즉 별것도 아닌걸로 질질 짜지말라는 뜻 -네이버-

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A plange foarte mult

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No me importa

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istediğin kadar ağla

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İstediğin kadar ağla

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"idiomtitle@" فى كلمات الأغنية

Suga - Daechwita

Everyday, Bang PD keeps dancing on-on-on-on-on-on and on
I'm so thankful I'm a genius
That's your excuse for popping pills, cry me a river you just got no skills

NILETTO - Любимка

И она плачет, плачет
Как в песне "Cry me a river"
И она плачет, плачет...

NILETTO - Beloved love

And she cries, cries
Like in the song "Cry me a river"
And she cries, cries ...

NILETTO - Liebling

Und sie weint, weint
wie im song "Cry me a river"
Und sie weint, weint...

Justin Timberlake - Gözyaşların Nehir Gibi Dökülsün*

Cry me a river, oh*
(Benim yüzümden ağla)*
Cry me a river, oh*
(Bana ağla)*

Justin Timberlake - Cry me a river*

Ήσουν ο ήλιος μου
Ήσουν η γη μου
Αλλά δεν ήξερες πώς** σε αγάπησα, όχι
Όποτε πήρες το ρίσκο

Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River

Cry me a river, oh
(Cry me, cry me)
Cry me a river
(Cry me, cry me)

NILETTO - Amorino*

E lei piange, piange
Come nella canzone "Cry me a river"
E lei piange, piange ...

The Neighbourhood - Say my name

Say my name then cry me a river
(My name)
Say my name then cry me a river

Migos - Bad and Boujee

I don't trust nobody grip the trigger (nobody)
Call up the gang, they come and get you (gang)
Cry me a river, give you a tissue (hey)
My bitch is bad and boujee (bad)

Scarlxrd - King, Scar

I can see it when you walk
Now you say that you want me I'm the one that broke your heart
Bitch cry me a river you're not broken you're just lost

Ella Fitzgerald - Cry Me a River

Imagine what it would have said.
Could it be a river of tears I cried in bed?
So you can cry me a river,
Daddy, go ahead and cry that river,

Blind Channel - Fever

Die for the fever, fever, fever

Cry me a river!
Throw me to fire!

Adel Ebrahim - Dani Dan

You lost my love, and you regret that

You will cry me a river
Your awfulness is hard to forget!

NILETTO - Љубимица

И она плаче, плаче
Као у песми “Cry me a river
И она плаче, плаче...

Potap and Nastya - Cry Me A River

All of this will be there, just not with us in it
Diving in the water, I went in beautifully
Cry for me, darling, cry me a river, cry me a river1

  • 1. "Край ми э ривер" is just a Cyrillic transliteration of "Cry me a river".

NILETTO - Mi amor

Y ella llora, llora
Como en la canción "Cry me a river"
Y ella llora, llora

SXTN - Cry Me A River

Cry me a river! Keep your head up high, you're gonna make it, bro
Cry me a river! Dry off your tears with your fur
Cry me a river, cry me a river (Cry me a river)
Not enough truffels on my pasta!

NILETTO - Szerelmem

És ő sír, sír
Mint a "Cry me a river" zenében
És ő sír, sír...

Justin Timberlake - llorame un rio

llorame un rio
Cry me a river
(nena simplemente)