to a fault

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Meanings of "to a fault"


To a fault is ordinarily used to modify an adjective which describes some desirable or otherwise positive characteristic of a person. Sometimes the expression functions as a strong intensifier, meaning "extremely."

(To an excessive degree; extremely.)
Ex: I am trusting to a fault.

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Aşırı derecede, haddinden fazla anlamında; sıfatı betimlemek için kullanılır.

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Claire Laffut - Truth

A shared desire
Maybe still undeclared
Maybe, still, never revealed
I saw it on tv

Enigma - My Fault

my fault*

my fault* - as in my error or my guilt

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST) - Hellfire (Spanish Version)

My fault- no, it´s not! (My fault)
God made it thus (My fault)
if the Devil is too strong for me (My most grievous fault).

I Don't Like Mondays. - It's All Your Fault

It's all your fault

And it's also all your fault
That the sky

MC Kresha - Wind

those are surreal,like you,the fairy from the forest
no apology,after seperation comes tears and they dry
this decision gives me force,to accept the fault
i want to depress the burden,cause my arm felt asleep

The Oral Cigarettes - Slowly but surely I go on

I always tried to seek a fault
Love is everything, I found
I always tried to seek a fault

Silbermond - Yes

Yes to every day with you,
yes to every fault you have
Ashes and gold, I’ll shoulder it all with you ³

Grotesco - The gays' fault

It's the gays' fault

The gays' fault

Orelsan - Tell Me

It starts with a drink and my principles fly away
Let me explain everything to you: the problem is the others
When I try to get in, they push me to the fault

Lucie Vagenheim - Lack of boldness

Of course it's your fault.
There will never be a good time
Or maybe it's my fault.
There will never be a good time

Amazarashi - Philosophy

You yourself have tasted victory, no one has the right
To find fault in that happiness and joy
From here on out, what will save you

Ravid Plotnik - Victim

Because of the education system, school, teachers - it's all in vain
This is their fault, this is rift and incitement, this is Satan
These are all these handsome men and beauties

Igor Kornelyuk - Rain

It's my fault - everyone is saying
It's my fault - my own mistake
I forgot about her and often didn't notice

Duelo - Poison

and they leave a scar almost immediately.

I want to believe it's not your fault,
that's the way you were born, there's no cure,

Dashan - My fault

My fault in that split of second.
My fault to start at a broken point.
I'm wrong, whose fault.
What has gone wrong.

Parsley Onuma - François

I thought I understood the truth of this world
But I myself am still
Unsolved and trying to find fault

Dvicio - Perhaps

Perhaps you've tired of me
And I'm not even noticing
Perhaps I've given you everything to a fault
So focused have I been on you

La Rue Kétanou - My own your fault

And it's not your fault

It's my own your fault 1
You who are too beautiful

  • 1. Very hard to translate, the phrase is incorrect in french, it's a play on words with "C'est ma faute à moi", "it's my own fault" that in french is written "it's my fault to me", but with the last word replaced with "toi", "you". This is the best I could come up with, suggestions welcome :P

La Rue Kétanou - My Fault To You

And this is not your fault

This my fault to you
You who are very beautiful

Ashnikko - Tantrum

Blood dripping down my nose
Leather jackets, bad habits
And we're revving to a fault
Dark magic, cheer captain, cheer