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A full house

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Meanings of "A full house"


1. Playing Poker (cards) - Five cards with; three of a kind and a pair.
2. An event; a concert, theatre, etc., filled with spectators, with people. Also known as SRO (Standing Room Only). If you see SOS (Sold Out Show) , that means there are no seats left available. An example, "We were packed last night with a full house, the club is a new success!"
3. There was a television series as well, "Full House".

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Ado - Dance

Woah woah
Get dancin', get dancin'
Loneliness' the best disinfectant, full house!
Woah woah

Dalida - Dying on stage

I want to die
Shot through lasers
Before a full house


so I can dance with you again

DJ play reggaeton for me, but full house
to have a good time

badchieff - I love....

[Part 1: badchieff]
Can you explain to me what love is?
I write you a hundred songs and they're all about you
Do I like you because you're like me?


Let’s rock girl
Holup let me tell u some
Beep, it’s a full house tonight
Feeling satisfied, energy recharged, drunkenness flows

Nujabes - Luv(sic) Part 1

Remember the time that you told me
In the cold night, to relax when all I knew was to hold tight
Remember the time that I spoke to the crowd in a full house and
Realizes that you was my ace?


On the stage, a sign of the times in the backdrop
You’d better tune in to that subtext
(Another full house! Thanks and come again!)
That’s right, what a real “thrill” is is a kind of trust you can’t buy with money

Naza - Happy Birthday

Today is your day Happy Birthday
We've got a full house Happy Birthday
With you we’ll celebrate Happy Birthday

Subcarpați - Lettuce leaf, grassy den

Other than the primary generator the folklore
Don't put it in your wallet, better shut off the sound
Full house in Cluj, full house in Bucharest
Full house in Timisoara, we hope(to be) in the whole country

Lepa Brena - There will be trouble

In the meantime until dawn
he has full house of neighbours

David McWilliams - Die Tage Pearly Spencers

Du hast das Pokerspiel des Lebens gespielt, und du hast verloren.

Du dachtest, du hättest ein unschlagbares "Full House",
Aber heute lässt du den Kopf hängen.

Albatraoz - Albatraoz

Fucking Albatraoz

Pose, post that profile.
Look: 1 like, 2 like, 3 like,

Kygo - Stole the Show

Darling, darling, oh, turn the lights back on now
Watching, watching, as the credits all roll down
Crying, crying, you know we're playing to a full house, house

Lena - Looking For Love

Hi, are you scared of comin' home
'Cause you know you'd be alone?
If feels like a full house of laughter is a while ago

Ypo - Maradona

Relaxing in living room, choco marocana 1
Argentina - England, I see the big goal
God's hand write again other things
Whatever Greece can't hear

Subcarpați - Frunzuliță, iarbă deasă

In afara de generatoru' primar, folcloru'
Nu-l baga in portofel, mai bine inchide sonoru'
Full house in Cluj, full house in Bucuresti
Full house in Timisoara, speram ca-n toata tara

Mihran Tsarukyan - Full House - Theme Song 1

Quiet-quiet full house
I'm dreaming of love in full house
Quiet-quiet full house
Full house

Dalida - To die on the stage

I want to die
Bombarded by lasers
In front of a full house

Taco Hemingway - Marble

[Verse 1]
A hundred ton train crawls on the rails
The rails scream like a mother screaming at her sons
Because the clock of history is pointing at the hour of death now

Elissa - Dying on stage

I want to die
Shot through lasers
Before a full house