Imya (Имя) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

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The weariness of the wind is moaning with sadness
My cry is a throat full of blood
Do you hear? I am crying for you
I am drying with tears
I cannot otherwise
The silence is choking
How could I let (you/her) go (in such a way)
Angels are eating my soul, quenching their hunger
Only the cold is left
The mute love forgave everything
Only the blind devotion is doomed to wait
She whined for months
I was with her for so little
With notches I left her time on my heart
For I knew I would lose her soon,
But I did nothing - I just kept living
And thought I genuinely loved (her)
I will never die
I will live forever
I will call your name
And will never be able to forget
And without eachother it is bad and not enough
My chest is tired of breathing with sorrow
Dividing the eternity of the night into sobs
Memories are torn to shreds
So far and somewhere near
At the distance of the skies and of a glance
You have found our new home and are waiting
I hear you calling me
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Imya (Имя)

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