Incompatibilidade de gênios (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Incompatibility of Temperament

The radio was broadcasting the Flamengo's game,
And I wanted to hear it,
But she arrived
And then changed the station.
She started to sing over it.
There's more:
I'd got foreign body in my eye,
And instead of
She blowing that from it,
She remorselessly
Told me, that in her view,
I should become blind.
When I moved
An inch, just an inch,
At the bar for a short period of time,
It was enough for her,
During ten nights in a row,
Make me hungry by not making food for me,
My underpants
To a sorcerer so he could pull trick on them,
Separate the coffee powder from water
By using my pants
To dominate me.
When I'm
Oweing money
And then someone comes to get it from me,
My damn wife opens the door
And even ask them to enter and sit down,
If I change jobs
So we can have better financial conditions,
She invites her mother
To live there with us.
If I ask for beans,
She salts them too much.
When it's hot,
She puts on her coat
To bother me.
Also, yesterday
In her dream,
She asked me to bet on donkey,*
And because of cabeça,*
My respective rewards were multipled by 600 and 4000.*1
I want to divorce her.
  • 1. Rewards = (the money he paid to bet X 600) + (the money he paid to bet X 4000). If he paid 1 real, he'll get 4600 reais as his reward. Also, I'm not sure if my formula is correct.
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*If you don't know what those lines mean, access:
They refer to Jogo do Bicho ("the animal game") which is an illegal gambling game in Brazil.


Incompatibilidade de gênios

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