Suteki Mugendai (ステキ∞) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Suteki Mugendai (ステキ∞)

ステキが止まんない everyday 止まんない
全力じゃなきゃ 見逃しちゃう
そしたら ほらステキが×(かける) いっぱい!
今度の休み時間 トイレ付きあって
仲間って証拠だね 目と目だけでね合図ね
「トウモロコシ型の雲 おいしそーだったな」
夕焼けってイジワル あ〜あ ぜんぜん時間が足んない
ステキが止まんない everyone 止まんない
そしたら ほらステキが∞(ムゲンダイ)
退屈なんてわかんない そんなヒマじゃない
「ジャジャジャ〜ン♪ 新しいレシピ 見て見てイケテる?」
夕焼けってイジワル あ〜あぜんぜん時間が足んない
「昨日ピンクの下敷き 買ったの、どうかな?」
「お揃いにしちゃおっか みんなでね」
「七色数える前 虹が消えちゃった」
夕焼けってイジワル あ〜あもっとオシャベリしたい!
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Infinites of Wonderfulness

Wonderfulness won't stop, everyday, round the clock
If I'm not paying attention, I will let it pass by
I should tell this to everybody as quickly as possible
After all this, you will have dozens of wonderfulness out there!
During a break, let's go to the restroom together
Because being left alone isn't fair at all
As we have some chit-chats for a little while
The cruel chime rings to tell us that it's over
A proof of our friendships, when our eyes meet,
it's a sign that we gather around after school
"The cat that fell from the wall has turned over in the air"
"Tomorrow at second period, we're having a test"
"The corn-shaped cloud seemed so delicious"
The sunset is so mean... Ah, we don't have enough time...
See you tomorrow, then
Wonderfulness won't stop, as everyone won't stop
It's no good to avert your eyes even for a while
If we get to running and catch it on our own
After all this, we will have infinities of wonderfulness out there!
As you wash school slippers they make a squeak sound
The corridor is a stage prepared only for us
While my skirt spread out wide in the air
I bumped into my teacher as I made a turn
Being alone is in no way enough... It feels weird, somewhat itchy, and rather lonely...
I don't know much about monotony, it's not time to be worried about that
Today again, let's make further progress by working collaboratively!
"Ta-dah-dah! take a look at my new recipe, how does it look like?"
The sunset is so mean... Ah, we don't have enough time...
See you tomorrow, then
"I bought a pink underlay yesterday, doesn't it look nice?"
"This time let's dress the same, as everyone!"
"A while flower bloomed in the slope"
"I took 100 yen to the police"
"The rainbow was gone before I counted all of the colors"
"I'm looking forward to a rice bawl with steak"
"A new season is right around the corner"
The sunset is so mean... Ah, I want to have more chats
Catch you around, again!
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