Kamień z napisem Love (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

A Rock Inscribed with the Word Love

I gave you a rock with lots of Love*
Cus flowers quickly dry out
The only thing I could've given you
Is a rock inscribed with the word Love
In the jewellery department
Everything's expensive there
I'd buy a bead necklace
One, maybe two
And you'd love, and you'd adore
But still around your neck will be ... nothing
I gave you a rock with lots of Love
Cus flowers quickly dry out
The only thing I could've given you
Is a rock inscribed with the word Love
Now I've got a few bucks,**
Been saving for two nights
I'd give you flowers
Even a whole basket.
And you'd love, and you'd stroke [them]
Later, I'll bite my elbows from starvation.***
I gave you a rock with lots of Love
Cus flowers quickly dry out
The only thing I could've given you
Is a rock inscribed with the word Love
But this story
Also has a happy end,
Because this normal rock
Turns out,
That it was made of gold
I think I'm dreaming!
There's only one way out:
Sorry babe!
I took your rock with lots of Love
Now I've got a hundred mil
And to you I'll give what you wanted to have
These flowers for five bucks
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*In this line he is not actually giving her the rock with lots of love but rather the inscription that says 'Love' love is large. It was pretty hard to accurately translate the meaning without it ending up as a 10+ word description in English so I changed it slightly to flow better as song lyrics. See the comments

**Złoty is the Polish currency and is used in speech the same way we would say bucks (or quid for Brits).

***This is a literal translation of the sentence. It means he would be absolutely starving but honestly I have never heard this phrase before so I don't think it is a common saying in Poland.

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Kamień z napisem Love

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dracuulinadracuulina    السبت, 23/05/2015 - 10:57

Hello. It's a very good translation but there is one thing that I would change because for me it sounds different from the original meaning.

"Dałem ci kamień z wielkim Love" means that he gave her a stone with a big "Love" written on it as you certainly know. That's why I would rather translate it as [I gave you a stone with a big 'Love']. But it's just a minor thing.

When it comes to your explanation of the words "kochać" i "uwielbiać" it is wrong. They don't mean the same.
"kochać" means only "to love"
"uwielbiać" means simply "to admire, to adore"
There is no other, profound explanation of these words in the Polish language.
"Kochać" doesn't have to be used only in the romantic sense. I can say "kocham sok jabłkowy" instead of "uwielbiam sok jabłkowy".
Also I can say "uwiebiam Cię" that will simply mean "I adore you" with or without the romantic sense.
You translated "I pokochałabyś, i uwielbiałabyś" the way it should be done but that explanation is unneeded and confusing.

"Potem z głodu łokcie będę gryźć." It should be indeed translated literally.

DarthXXDarthXX    الجمعة, 17/07/2015 - 04:58

Thanks I will change it :). I have not been around Polish speakers in a while so it fades a bit quickly and translating songs is actually pretty difficult. I was not sure how to write 'z napisem' in a way that doesn't sound ridiculous in English. We don't really have anything close to it without using a lot of words. I would've rather not use the word 'inscribed' because that has some different connotations but the alternative was something like 'a rock with the word 'Love' written on it'. So the line the line 'Dałem ci kamień z wielkim Love' I would've liked to write as 'I gave you a rock with 'Love' written in large letters' or 'I gave you a rock with a large inscription spelling Love' or something like that but they all sound ridiculous even if htey do keep the original meaning so I opted to change it slightly to make it flow better stylistically as a song. I would never say something like 'I gave you a stone with a big 'Love', you would have to say 'the word Love' or something like that, I will add it into a note. More feedback is always welcome Regular smile