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We Want Noise كلمات أغنية

  • الفنان: Kill Ebola فنان مفضل: KAMAARA
  • ألبوم: Angry Ai

We Want Noise

[Intro: Kill ebola]
Stop it
Getting off topic
Wasted on my nonsense
We want noise
We want noise
[Verse: Kill Ebola]
Stewart little slut mouse trap
Never mind that not worth mind laps
All the edge lords lurking where sads at
Waiting on beats but I'm busy breathing at the beach side tracked
Slacked napped off pills wax from my backpack fuck that
Why you sucking Satan's nut sack? Fuck that
But say gods absent how's that dumb ass
Lost soul soon found out through rap
Spewed spat where my minds at
Rewind back to a time gap full of abuse to pill caps
Couldn't cue back no pool stick split in two at where you chew food at
You ain't up next bitch you smaller than a jew cap
Best verse couldn't converse with my poop shat, yuh
[Hook: Kill ebola & Kamaara]
Stop it
Getting off topic
Wasted on my nonsense, yeah yeah
Stop it
Getting off topic
Wasted on my nonsense, yeah yeah
[Verse: Kamaara]
Sink into my skin and take that shit that I know
I watch you jot down all the notes and try to claim it your own
Bitch just leave me alone, I'm tryna' bury my bones
Just another black sheep getting bit by the goat
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