La vita è adesso (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Life is now

Life is now
In the old hostel of the earth
And each one is in a room
And in a history
Made of mornings so light
And skies frayed with hope
And with silences to listen to
And you’ll be surprised that you’re singing
But you don’t know why
Life is now
In the afternoons just a little fresh
That make you feel sleepy
And the bells make the clouds spin
And it rains on the hairs
And on the tables of the sidewalk cafés
And you’re wondering, unsure, who you are
You are…
Are you…
It’s you…
It’s you who’s pushing on your heart
And the hard work
To be a man and not to know
What the future will be
It’s you, in the time that makes us bigger
And alone amid the world
With the angst to search together
For a deeper good
And for another one who gives you breath
And takes care of you
With an expectation of wanting to be more
Not realizing what it is
And you’re returning my looks
In this immense moment
Over the noise of the crowd
Tell me if this makes any sense
Life is now
In the sweet air of an after-dinner
And children’s faces against the panes
And meadows smoothing themselves like kittens
And millions of stars sticking to the street lamps
While you’ll be wondering where you are
You are…
Are you…
It’s you…
It’s you who’ll be carrying your love
On a hundred, a thousand roads
Because there’s no end to the journey
Even if a dream falls
It’s you who has a new wind in his arms
While coming to me
And you will learn that
A sunset is enough to die
In a joy that hurts
More than melancholy
And in any evening you’ll find yourself
Don’t throw yourself away
And don’t let a day go by
To find yourself again
Son of a sky so beautiful
Because life is now
It’s now
It’s now
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La vita è adesso

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