Le meilleur de nous (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

The best of us

Tell me about our memories
Sweet words that you rip up
Tell me about the worst
Of us
Tell me about our desires
Making love to sighs
Tell me without saying
A word
And clinging to a smile
Laughing or else you'll cry
Jeopardizing our future
Without words
Look at me
We must not call it quits
And smash to pieces
The best of us
Look at you
Even if it means losing everything, we're going
Look at us
And the rest we don't care about
Tell me about our flaws
Our tantrums and all those OCDs
Behind the bed, through the doorway
We can't get over it
Tell me without saying anything
I'm counting on you, seriously
I want time to rewind
And then get closer to us
To laugh at nothing, to laugh at everything
Just long enough for me to patiently wait
And that's that
There are plenty of people like that
Who go through ups and downs
Who give themselves
A little luck to start all over again
In the details
To avoid losing our minds
And smashing to pieces
The best of us
Tell me without saying anything
I'm counting on you, seriously
I want time to rewind
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Le meilleur de nous

Idioms from "Le meilleur de nous"
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petit élèvepetit élève    السبت, 21/04/2018 - 23:46

Ne pas pleurer pour mieux en rire -> lit. "not crying only to better laugh about it" (does not make much sense though)

Dévaliser notre avenir -> that's more like a heist. Don't know what he means by that either. Jeopardizing their future together, maybe?

Faut pas qu’on en reste là,
Qu’on casse tout
Le meilleur de nous -> we must not call it quits and smash all the best of us to pieces (well, that's pretty convoluted French to begin with, no wonder you didn't get it). Apparently he likes the lines so much he uses them twice Regular smile

tous ces tocs -> "toc" is "trouble obsessionnel compulsif", what you call an OCD.

Ça bloque -> rather "we can't get over it"

le temps qui remonte -> another example of this wierd French of his. Speaking about a time traveler, you could say "remonter le temps" like "go back in time" ("remonter" as "go against the flow of a river"), but when it's about time itself you'd rather say "le temps revient en arrière" or something like that.

Le temps que je patiente -> "le temps de/que..." is idiomatic, like "just long enough for me to [do something]". Still does not mean much here, but the expression is quite usual ("Le temps de finir ma cigarette et j'arrive". "Il va falloir se débrouiller le temps que les secours arrivent")