Let bygones be bygones

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Idiomatic translations of "Let bygones be bygones"

Lo pasado pasado
Dün dündür, bugün bugündür

Meanings of "Let bygones be bygones"


Forget past offences or causes of conflict and be reconciled

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Περασμένα ξεχασμένα

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Pomiriti se, zaboraviti i oprostiti uvrede; Što je bilo, bilo je. Ne dirati u prošlost. Zaboraviti prošlost. Ne povratilo se.

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'lo pasado, pasado'. olvida los hechos de alguien, ya esta en el pasado.

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lo hecho hecho está

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Kaiti Garbi - Let bygones be bygones

in your eyes where heaven is opening up

Let bygones be bygones...

Jaden Smith - Distant

For me there's no portion of lying, absorbed in the nightfall)
I don't know
(Let bygones be bygones
So I crawl home with no shoulder to cry on)

Tuvana Türkay - Call me ... Please !

Call me ..what happened to you !

If the time passes , let it pass ( let bygones be bygones )
You are always in my most beautiful place

Childish Gambino - 3005

Got so high off volcanoes, now the flow is so lava
Yeah, we spit that saliva, iPhone got message from Viber
Either the head is so hydra, or we let bygones be bygones
"My God, you pay for your friends?" I'll take that as a compliment

OutKast - Ms. Jackson

Cheating, beating and to the G they be the same thing
So who you placin’ the blame on, you keep on singin’the same song
Let bygones be bygones, you can go on and get the hell on
You and your mama

Birgit Õigemeel - So there could be a new beginning

We need the night, the day can bring us light
So there could be a new beginning
Let bygones be bygones
So there could be a new beginning once again

Juan Gabriel - Let bygones be bygones

Let bygones be bygones,
I'm not interested in.
If I suffered and cried earlier,
everything stayed in the yesterday,

Moein - The fancy

she has written to me
"let bygones be bygones (forget about the past)
(and) my stories were all just a fancy"

Chris Brown - High End

I'm wet up like faucets
Catch up to not get
We don't let bygones be bygones

Eminem - My mom

My mom, there's no one else quite like my mom.
I know I should let bygones be bygones,
but she's the reason why I am high on what I'm high on.

Stélios Kazantzídis - Let Bygones Be Bygones

Throw them in the fire, just like I did
Let the bad memories turn into kisses
Let bygones be bygones

maNga - Indian Fabric

I returned my ass and looked behind, there are fully syncophants
Who despised me? Who is higher than me?
Finally let bygones be bygones against us

Murat Boz - Fast and furious

I love crazily but i know to go in the end

Let bygones be bygones
I lived good, fast and furious

Kenan Doğulu - I'm lost

My heart went opposed to me
I don't interfere, this thing is beyond me
Let bygones be bygones, she ignited her fire
I'm totally lost again

Rudy Mancuso - Black & White

Should I savor every moment
Like we're runnin' out of time
Should I let bygones be bygones
Just to ease each other's minds

Emilie Nicolas - Pstereo

We let bygones be bygones
Septembers long but
We light a candle
And wait for dawn

Frozen (OST) - Let It Go

freeze all.
I will not come back.
Let bygones be bygones.

Lana Del Rey - Live or Die

You can be my film noir star, I'm your Queen of Saigon
If they don't think we're good together, baby, just forget 'em
And let bygones be bygones!

Fredi - Pump Pump (ENG)

I used to love watching beautiful girls go by in my time
You have done like the boys do, but now finally you are mine
Let bygones be bygones, now I love you
You gave me more than a man can ever dream, know what I mean?

Alice in Chains - Deaf Ears Blind Eyes

Blinded and tied on
Numbness engulfs truth
Let bygones be bygones