Lingvisti (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


Strange books
No one can exactly tell what was written in those books
But one thing is sure
They were full of songs from the start 'till the end
So now the boy knew, that he hadn't ended up just some random tricksters apprentice after all
(weird) what
(and he claimed he was) Linguist Huge
I'm always sure of basics yess
You have to earn your last name
It's a lyrical exam of manhood
Well, you'll understand that one day
wrong hug for the chick
I sting with a mind
making it more linguistic 1
I change Linguist as my last name, you don't know wherefrom
(it's R.A.W.)
I sting with a mind
making it more linguistic
I change Linguist as my last name, you don't know wherefrom
I got dem flow
If you wanna listen to simple rap
I too had a phase where I listened to Gimmel moan 2
I put a C letter on your rap
Verse 1
Did the first gym exist in the Iron Age?
What if you're smart, are you allowed to hype it to stupid ones for long? 3
What if the water freaks are still in the childrens' pool
And if you and room have a party is that also semi crazy?
The marketed power-drink doesn't have an affect on women 4
I take pieces of plastic, like legos, off of bong
I don't know how many got this already
but isn't asshole practically a crack for smell? 5
Who do I have to fuck here to get sex?
All football players are gay if they take after Messi 6
Words show it, you're bisexual
if you have never insulted a woman, and won't
Still drunk
Think about this word fertile 7
or chatty, there's a moat inbetween 8
You're trying to get to know me, nothing helps when you're hungry
Not a penny nor snus after the weekend
Only math in wallet with Matti 9
And Kepe won't pick up
There should be lambs reminding on the phone
Can food be shit without eating?
Think about that while I push words into your stomach
Cigarette, more like a cigarette, I smoke 10
(I'll take a cigarette) Oh no
If a rock is flowering, dick is in shit 11
I like christmas, 'cause I get hit by granny 12
There's persecutions, magic
melancholy in genitalia
This a fatherly grandad for a boy
Listen to your mother
As I play Tekken with Mike T
On behalf of black slaves Black & Decker
I think about rasistic things in black and white as I think about it
I help midgets so that in the end I can say why stress over the little things, I like languages
And my words weigh more than heavy metal 'cause they were first, but not a broken language
And I make no sense to a teenager, even though my skis are in shape 13
What are you thinking
Verse 2
So smooth that metalheads need headphones 14
I got a love letter yesterday it came from someone 15
Artist steals
Creativity in ice, don't wanna go either up nor down in career
I'm the late one in our time
Like Kusti's paths, posts passages, I 16
Am a admin above the parish
When I leave with a van you feel the longing
I order a lesbian, went to pilates
a guy connected it with a yoga, they ruin testosterone 17
Smashed a cd collection into pieces 18
in Jamaica I call them raggares
On the deck of a ship, we're shivering outside 19
No use shivering outside this is really from New York 20
And hello from the linguist, please hey try at least
  • 1. I think the finnish version should be written kielellistämistä, the two words together, which means "making something more linguistic". Apart it would mean "it's linguistic - wherefrom", doesn't make that much sense but maybe he has meant it as a double meaning..
  • 2. Gimmel was a finnish girlband
  • 3. I think finnish lyrics should be "saaks sitä typeril kaua haipata"
  • 4. finnish lyrics should be "Teho-juoma ei tehoo naisiin"
  • 5. hajurako is a word that means the space finnish people leave between themselves and strange people for personal space XDD funnily it's called hajurako which literally means little space of smell, very hard to explain, but I didn't never thought about it as asshole, but yes the word goes for that too, in which it will mean smelly crack xd
  • 6. messi is also a slang word, tulla messiin, would also mean to come with/come along, so this has a double meaning: "jos ne tulee messii" = "if they come along"
  • 7. hedelmällinen, word for fertile, he says it in a way that highlights the word "mälli" inbetween, which is one word for sperm
  • 8. there's the word "valli", (which means moat in english) in "tuttavallinen"
  • 9. there's a saying in finnish, to have Matti in wallet, it means you have no money
  • 10. this is like a conjugation of an adjective done to a substantive xd sounds weird in finnish. The "superlativ" tupakoin,though, means I smoke
  • 11. this is a spoonerism
  • 12. it's also a way of one dialect to say he gets mittens from granny, but usually that would be "saan mummilta lapaset"
  • 13. skis in shape, iskus suksi, is a palindrome; the same reversed
  • 14. finnish lyrics should be "Niin smuutti et hevareille korvatulpat"
  • 15. in joltakulta there's also the word kulta, which means dear or loved one
  • 16. a spoonerism again
  • 17. this could also be understood "went to pilates, a guy went to yoga and mixed them, they ruin testosterone"
  • 18. kappaleiksi also has a meaning "into songs" xd
  • 19. ulkona hytistä also means out of a cabin (of a ship)
  • 20. I think he says this "kunnolla Nykistä"
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