Luna Rossa (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Red moon

I wander absentmindedly, feeling abandoned...
My eyes, hidden under the hat,
My hands inside my pockets and the collar liften...
I wander whistling to the stars on the sky...
And the red moon tells me about you,
I ask her if you are waiting for me,
And so she answers: "if you really want to know,
There is no one here..."
And I call your name, just to see you,
But, everyone talking about you
Responds: "it's late already! What do you want to know?!
There is no one here!..."
Red moon,
Who will be sincere?
Red moon,
She left the other night,
Without saying goodbye... 1
And I still saying she is waiting for me,
Tonight at three, under the balcony,
And she prays to saints, hoping to see me...
But there is no one here...
A thousand and more dates I've had...
So many cigarettes I've smoked...
Many cups of coffee I've drunk...
So many lovable mouths I've kissed...
And the red moon tells me about you.
  • 1. lit. transl: without seeing me.
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Luna Rossa

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