Maravillosos (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


„lch erzähle euch von Wundern und über das Staunen.“1
Saint Mary2, the one who brings us peace
and who guides us day and night,
performs marvelous, pious,
and very wonderful miracles.
I would like to tell you of a wonderful
and extraordinary miracle which that Virgin,
Who is the Mother of God, performed in Flanders
for a woman who once went to
Her church which has been given
to us that we might behold Her face
in Paradise, where God wishes to
grant those who please Him joy and mirth.
That woman took with her
a very small boy, her child,
and gave him to the Virgin as an offering
in order to protect him from evil and sickness
and make him speak
and always know well what is right,
after learning it, he left while he ate his bread3.
Running fast, he paused and stood in line.
  • 1. This line is in German, it means: “I talk about miracles and wonders.”
  • 2. Saint Mary = Virgin Mary.
  • 3. Daily bread.
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