Maria Chatziilia - Sinner



His bittersweet smile, his shiny eyes,
His hollow words and fake promises,
the way he looked at me, breathtaking,
I couldn't resist, I knew it wasn't right.
He captured my heart, it skipped a beat,
I was sure he wouldn't let go of it.
His lips so kissable, he touched mine.
I leaned in to kiss him, he disappeared.
Hopeless as I was, I tried to climb the highest hill,
Heard him whisper as he came out of the dark.
He walked towards me but stopped
''Follow me'' he said and took my hand
But I pulled back and turned away.
His smile faded, his eyes were asking why,
I knew he was a sinner, maybe a killer.
He killed my dreams, he broke my heart,
I didn't remember but somehow I knew.
Wouldn't let myself fall for him
I knew it wasn't right.
He was just a beautiful shadow,
A reminder of what's left inside me,
An angelic ghost that wanted to trap me.
I wouldn't follow, I wouldn't believe in his sight.
He wasn't really there, he never was.
My heart told me I should stop listening to my mind.
But why would I ever want to touch his thorns?
Why would I ever want to taste his poison?
I knew what rejection felt like,
Betrayal was near, I could feel it
But he was just too beautiful to ignore.
Stranger, you've stolen my heart.
Stranger, I can't feel you around me anymore.
Stranger, I need your presence to feel that I'm alive.
Stranger, if you won't show yourself, I don't want to be yours.
Stranger, if you didn't want me, why did you fool me?
Oh stranger, who are you really?
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