Mauvaise foi nocturne (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Nocturnal bad faith

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Yeah , who is it ?
Fatal , it's Vitoo , open the door .
Are you OK Vitoo ? you look strange What is it ? well, you saw it.
No , I'm not OK , no
Well tell me , what's going on ? go ahead don't be a bitch
Fatal, sit down I have to tell you .. I spent my evening drinking,
Fatal, I don't feel it, I don't know it... she doubts me.
Stop it Vitoo, you know your woman loves you, your woman said me
You know with Vitoo confidence reigns, and it's my little cabbage with cream
You shouldn't panic I swear,
Your woman is cool, Your woman is great,
Vitoo, you screw thousands of them she doubts about nothing, she's so stupid
No, but what do you know ? It's been two months she's makes me too afraid
It did?
She's checking on my text every quarter of an hour ..
Change your PIN code !
She has infiltrated my answerphone, my woman became another woman yeah !
But are you really sure ? Have you proved it three times?
She's becoming freaky,
Everynight, she's having me stalked by her brother Denis
Who's even planned on beating the shit out of me on Tuesday
It's become alarming, a true nightmare,
I fear her so much that I sleep in a hotel at night!
She is next to the sheet, you love to fuck others girls you,
All strange tricks, threesomes, and bimbo's !
All tall stories for your 5 a 7 peacful
You have a python in the underpants, Vitoo, you are a good fucker
I love you
There you are, tell her!
Ok, it's good like that!
This has happend only 16 times
Well, don't tell her this !
But I don't know if I can accept to sleep only with her !
Ok don't worry about it
Give me the keys, tonight we gonna party
Slut, I don’t believe it, slap me
She’s scratched your BM, she’s ruined your BM
She has even crapped at the bench seat of BM
while fuck it, it's mine!
Why she has busted my car ?
I didn't dare
You didn't dare to tell her what ?
That she was yours
Well mine sort of speak, I had borrowed it !
I didn't want to assumer taking her out in a 4L !
Come let's go
But why?
because she's gonna pay me back, that sucks !
I don't know that
You have to tell her about that, mate!
I have the puke there
Open the gloves compartment then!
I wouldn't have to be obliged to tempte the seafruits in the cocktail!
Go on knock! No… knock I said!
Yeah , twelve seconds , I'm coming ..
Come on, go on
But what have you done ? Why all this violence ? I didn't do anything to you
Yeah, tell her !
I swear, I don't what this girl was doing at my place !
In every case, i was not there, or, it wasn't me !
Not that!
Because I was taking my dog out!
Oh la la!
Your dog died 3 years ago, get lost
Well no, because in fact she is left out because...
Shut up my boy ! And you Mother Theresa,
please calm down
You are tense like a string. Ah bust a slap what!
The BM is mine!
and you didn't know it, but i had burrowed it to my mum…
Shut up you too
You takes a shit in your underpants, damn your mean jokes
come on, keep them for your grand-ma
Oh...why are you beating me, but that doesnt go?
You're not a chick, you're a ninja or what ?
Damn I'm scared stiff, let's take off come one Vitoo, !
Hurry up
Give me the car keys !
Open the door for me.
Get in, we are going to be safe.
You know i'm scared
Is she doing ultimate fighting or what ?
She would even be able to finish me off with a shovel.
No but she dreams
She forces me to do the dishes, She wants me to take out the trash,
But what am i doing with her!
But what do you do with her, you have seen?
But what am i doing with her!
But what do you do with her, na na quietly yeah man tac tac bang bang hands up hands up yeah yeah pump it up !
Wow, what are you doing ?
What ? What's wrong ?
Just feeling the vibe !
Ok… go fu*ck yourself !
It's right, it's not me who has to support her friend
Watch out the routine, tampons in the kitchen.
She pisses with the door open, she no longer shaves under her arms
Yep but the girls, that's also that Vitoo, don't give up !
Look at me with all the women that I’ve known
I couldn’t any more
Then love hit me.
I made a cross at the little arses
Because i was the nympho, the greatest stud in Panam (Paris).
My ex ended up stoned, i had to call the social paramedics
My life, it was of fucking all the biatches of Paris
In the heap, you know it yourself, a lot of drag queens.
But look at me today, I’ve pulled up my flies.
There’s more to life than arse,
Vitoo, get that into your head.
But what are you getting at now?
You mean you’re no longer a man and you walk straight?
That you stay in at night when she’s not there?
Yeah of course!
And your third leg?
Since when it is no longer he who in your life makes the law?
Stop… what are you doing there?
Are you sure you’re faithful?
But yes of course!
Can i consult your mails?
And your extern harddisk?
to search your Bluetooth?
click on your mother card?
Dismantle your webcam?
To come back in your minitel?
If you're sure,
Yeah bah yeah what ?!
Then give me your phone we're gonna listen to your answering machine and we'll see
Stop it now, you're tired, you are full of hatred,
Give me back my phone, what are you doing ?
I am going to do it for you,
Hey stop it, it's not normal to hassle people like that !
Your number dude
Hang up the phone, hang up the phone!
I am going to do it for you,
You're going to get in trouble, I'll take the crick, the tear gas, be careful!
Yes you have reached Mika's answering machine, please leave a message after the beep
because if you leave it before, bah it won't work
dial your secret code and finish threesomes
You have 2,600 new messages, think about archiving.
Received yesterday at 22:51:
Yep, it's Profanation Fonky, fine or fine?
Received yesterday at 22:61:
Yep baby, it's Vito's mum, It's been an hour and I already miss you. I miss you. I miss you.
Oh la la, what have you send me! Greatly tomorrow! Big kisses where you know..."
So that's good? Are you ok, are you calmed down? Are you going to close your mouth?
Be ready , I have to tell you
You are going to spend your life in darkness
Because I am going to put your eyes out!!
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Mauvaise foi nocturne

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