Me deje llevar (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجمالإنكليزية

I took my leave

النسخ: #1#2
You are not at fault
for what happened here.
It got out of hand
When I began to feel love.
I owe you an apology
The fault lies here with me
What worked between us
Without having to be anything, without love
It's just that the attraction
And passion dominated me and
It was not enough
And the addiction to have you
Was growing.
And I took my leave
Wishing to be your master (you to be mine)
Surrendering completely
That which I never wanted to give (up)
And I took my leave
Of losing myself in your kisses,
the caresses, the moments.
I cannot march backwards
I have forgotten
This relationship: it is nothing,
And I took my leave.
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The parentheses are not literal translations, but I believe they better convey the meaning of the writer. In English, to be one's master has a negative connotation. In Spanish, it means more that "you belong to me", which, come to think of it, is equally objectifying and potentially sexist if you really look at it. I added the word, "up" as otherwise the whole song doesn't make sense to me. It would mean he never wanted to fall in love. Maybe it means he fell in love against his better judgement and wishes. Maybe he really never wanted to surrender completely to her, but wanted her to surrender completely to him, and so, when he could not reconcile that hypocrisy, he left, saying "forget it: it was nothing." The lyrics are not clear. You decide.


Me deje llevar

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