Mektubumu Buldun mu? (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Have you found my letter?

Have you found my letter after i’m gone?
Did you even ask friends about its whereabouts?
Denying it, saying it’s a lie, so maybe you never believed
You thought, a woman who loves that much would eventually come.
I understood that, many years later, that i was already away from you,
Got tired of waiting for happy days to be true.
I don’t even want a shadow of you to stay
You’re a stranger to me now, so stay far away.
I’ve missed you already before i even left.
Forgot about my hate and that i left you for that.
I ripped your letter into pieces
And waited for you to come like every night i did
I grew addicted to your everything so it looks
Addicted to the way you live your life, the way you call my name
If you ask me one day years later from that
I’ll tell you about my coming back from the half-way
Getting addicted to is much worse than love
God, may never leave me without you anywhere anytime.
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Mektubumu Buldun mu?

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