Mi smo tu (We'll Be There) (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Mi smo tu (We'll Be There)

Mi smo tu
Prvi proljetni dan
Ptica prati nas pjev
Mlada trava niče
Mi smo tu kada sja ljetni san
Zlatno sunce boji svijet
Mi smo tu
Jesen zovemo van
Svaki list tad je lijep
Vjetar grane miče
Mi smo tu kada mijenja se sve
Tako svake godine
Što ako priroda još ima tajni put?
Što ako poziv njen tek srce slušat' zna?
Što ako čeka novi svijet?
Netko da s tobom dijeli let
Što ako tebe tražim ja?
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We are here (We'll Be There)

We are here
First day of spring
The bird follows our singing
The young grass sprouts
We are here when a summer dream shines
The golden sun paints the world
We are here
We are calling autumn out
Every leaf is beautiful then
The wind moves the branches
We are here when everything changes
Like that every year
What if nature still has a secret path?
What if the heart knows how to listen her call?
What if it's waiting for a new world?
Someone to share a flight with you
What if I looking for you?
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