A modo mio (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

My way

But yeah,
I'm here
telling you things that are important to me
and you
don't know
whether they're words or feelings.
it's not important
if some talk about incoherence
I'm me
my way.
I did
what I wanted,
alone with myself, looking ahead.
I've got too few of them,
there's really no need for me to recount them.
I've had,
I haven't had,
everything perfect, everything wrong,
I'm me
my way.
And, although I cried a little,
that experience did me good.
Yes, I had bitter bites
and I managed to spit them out.
I'm me
and my way
I never change!
But yeah
I'm here
telling you things written by someone else,
to give them to you
I translate them and take them inside.
not to brag,
no one can tell me off
I'm me
my way.
In front of me there are seats,
full or empty, I don't know.
Inside me my own life,
deserted or full of yeses and noes.
But I'm me
and my way
I never change!
If the audience says yes,
I thank God
for being me
my way.
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A modo mio

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