Mon Frère (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

My brother

I'm dreaming of my house
Our screams are making them glow
It's the harvest time
And the garden sighs
I left it there
My first distress
Our childlike laughter
The morning cold
And the steam like a cloud on the window
The cats are calling us to come outside
To a hut we never used to have
Litlle brother all this is well forgotten (2x)
I'm dreaming of my house
The walls were fading
I changed my house
but the memories are staying
Mummy who sang
under the autumn sky
And you who played with the leaves
And the evenings where we hadn't wanted to sleep
We had so much to tell
And the music which played under our bads
Litlle brother all this is well finished(2x)
I'm dreaming of your house
Again I'm hearing laughter
A very small boy
It's like your laughter's been
Opening the windows a sent wafts in
Maybe it's from an apple pie
And the very first blossoms
It makes you sigh in happiness
Your house is going to be your country
Litlle brother all this is so not finished(2x)
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This is a free translation and probably not always correct, I'd be grateful for some corrections.


Mon Frère

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Thank you very much for translation.