Mulhim Alqaseedah - ملهم القصيدة (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)


Mulhim Alqaseedah - ملهم القصيدة

قال: شاعرنا ما سمّعنا جديده
قلت: شاعركم من اللهفة يعاني
كيف تسأله القصيد وتستزيده
وانت من يلهمه شوقه والحناني
قال أبغي بيت ينشر في الجريدة
وأتحدى به شعراء الزماني
قلت من شعر الفريد خذ الفريدة
حكمة في بيتين يالغصن اللياني
ضاحب يبخل عليك بلمسة ايده
وانت تحسب لأجل لقياه الثواني
نفس من يبخل عليك في يوم عيده
بالتحية، وانت طامع بالتهاني
قال: عيده، قلت: ما أقدر أعيده
يا حبيبي لا تصير إنسان أناني
شاعرك لو يطلق من الفكر قيده
انفجر هاجوس بركان المعاني
قال: بسأل، قلت: قول اللي تريده
قال: شعرك ليش لا قلته سباني
قلت: هذا فضل من سخّر عبيده
للمحبة والمودة والتفاني
رَقق احساسك يابو نفسٍ عنيدة
لين قمت تحب ما ينطق لساني
وانت وصفك لو هل الشعر بتجيده
ماحدٍ منهم قدر ياخذ مكاني
لأن عبد القاف ما هو مثل سيده
أولًا ، وأهم منه شي ثاني
بيت واحد من حبيبٍ لك وريده
ضخ حبه بين دمه في المحاني
عن مية شاعر، وعن مية قصيدة
ينسجون بشعرهم فيك الأماني
نام ، وأحلامك يا ملهمني سعيدة
بعد ما حبك ترعرع في كياني
تم نشره بواسطة Sara BaSara Ba في الأثنين, 01/02/2016 - 16:47
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Poems' Inspirer

He/She said: We didn't hear your new poem
I said: Your poet is suffering from eagerness
How do you ask him about his poem and make it worse
And you inspire his longing and nostalgia
He/She said: I want a great poem
One that I can challenge the Poets of the times with
I said: Here's the unique and best poem
Wisdom in two parts o soft branch (Soft branch means you gentle person)
A friend (he's addressing his love as friend) who won't let you touch his hand
And you count the seconds to meet her
Same as the birthday girl who doesn't greet you
Yet you yearn to congratulate her
He/She Said: Repeat it, I said: I can't repeat it
O dear don't become a selfish person
If your poet unchain his inspiration
The poetry will explode like a volcano (Again comparing his poetry to a volcano because it's that great)
He/She said: I have a question, I said: Ask whatever you want
He/She said: Why wasn't your poet more direct and brave
I said: This is what God inspired me
For the love and hard work
Follow your feelings you stubborn person
I won't speak until you fall in love
Poems describe you
None of the other poets was able to replace me
Because Abdul Gaf (name) isn't like his master
That's a first, and second most important
One poem part from a lover
His blood pumps through his veins in the tough times
Out of a hundred poet, and a hundred poem
All write about you!
Sleep, and sweet dreams my inspirer
Your love grew inside of me
تم نشره بواسطة talalhintalalhin في الجمعة, 19/08/2016 - 23:58
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This is a wonderful poem, however very hard to translate into another language, it loses a lot of its' meaning due to the excessive use of Metaphors.
If there is something you did not understand in particular, please feel free to contact me via PM and I'll gladly explain it further using examples.

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