Nio Liv (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

Nine lives

Once I drove racing while drunk,
among Italy's breathtaking mountains.
One time the Towers blew up in the air,
right after I left.
One time I drifted out towards the sea,
when I practiced swimming in the night.
Once I jumped right over the Straits,
to save my beloved cat;
I was crazy, but the crazy ones have luck.
Once I fell out from the balcony,
in a snow pile I had just collected up,
Once it began to burn in the woods,
when I looked at ants with a magnifying glass.
Once I crept away out of a scrap heap,
which once looked like a car.
Once I got a snake in the boot,
when I hid myself from the police;
I was crazy, but the crazy ones have luck.
My aunt moans and shakes her head -
she is so anxious about how it should go.
She says "Boy, will you never be an adult?
You are exactly the same now as then!"
But when I see those I kissed in school,
go with a frizzy permanent and with hat,
and when I hear what they teach their youngsters,
so an old rebel becomes a little weak;
Because I want to have children who one day can tell,
what one writes in a southern French toilet.
and how one blow the casino in the air,
and that one never ought to know their place;
Who are crazy, yes, crazy,
who are crazy because the crazy ones have fun!
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Björn Afzelius wrote the following about "Nio liv"

"Ibland har jag bara kul, när jag skriver"

"Sometimes I just have fun, when I write"


Nio Liv

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