Odyssevs (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم


I have driven through the country a hundred times up and down,
I have soon seen every measurable spot of Sweden.
The high coast makes me lyrical, the ponderous mountains make me mute,
and the Indal willows make me tearful to the inner marrow.
It is a wonderful country we live in!
It is barren and it is wild,
and at times it is as beautiful as a dream.
But I have never seen anything more beautiful than you, my beloved.
I have drunk homemade aquavit with the hunters in the north
until I believed their terrible stories.
And I have guzzled whisky with the fishermen who travel to Oresund;
I became so drunk that I may never go on board again.
Newly smoked sik is best at Ulvon,
myrtle you will do yourself;
I have tried every taste and every drink.
But I have never tasted anything as good as you, my beloved.
I have performed my songs several thousand times,
I have soon looked at every adult Swede in the eyes.
I have tramped every board, I have stood on every stage,
A happy evening can be a real brotherhood.
The Swede is a gloomy devil,
But he carries something big;
But he can dig in and for the most part he is proud.
But I have never seen anyone prouder than you, my beloved.
I travel to foreign lands to retain my understanding,
and to feel that I indeed have passion.
Then I went down to southern Europe to enjoy the cafe
of the New Guard's anarchistic visions.
The bureaucrat in my head
he has his place in this country,
the sensuality is found somewhere else.
But I have never felt a sensuality like yours, my beloved.
I have promised green forests, I have also promised gold,
and a couple of times I have promised eternal faithfulness.
and I have felt that it was true, but when I face a betrayal
then I become terrible, then I want to behold the heartache.
If you want to travel by my side
it costs a lot,
But it is paltry compared with what it can give.
It is not little that I want to promise you tonight, my beloved.
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From his notes in 95 Sånger, he wrote

"Ännu en sång om oss musicerande vagabonder. Vi är alldeles eget folk, och jag älskar att sitta upp och pratar med andra musiker jag möter på vägen. Vi förstår varandra - oavsett vilken typ av musik vi spelar. Alla har vi gjort, sett, och hört samma saker. Och musiker är tillvarons största humorister, galningar, lögnare och historieberättare. Salut kolleger!"

"And yet a song about us musical vagabonds. We are totally our own people, and I love to sit and talk with other musicians I meet on the way. We understand each other - in spite of what type of music we play. All have done, seen, and heard the same things. And musicians are the life's largest humorists, crazy ones, liers, and history tellers. Salute colleagues!"



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