På mäster Olofs tid (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

In Master Olof's time

Pappa, how was it before?
Tell how everything was before
Nothing is said, nothing is written;
How was it actually before?
Then we had a respected name.
Then I was proud of my country.
One knew us widely around;
Soon one knew nothing.
When Sweden spoke, one listened,
because everyone knew that it was true
To say something was a philosophy
in Master Olof's time.
Then we were the Third World's greatest friend,
a constant battle for freedom.
We sent money widely around;
Soon we gave nothing.
The beautiful word solidarity
then had a meaning which was concrete.
To serve everyone was a philosophy
in Master Olof's time.
That's when the people demanded the secretaries
keep the promises to the electorate.
to keep the word of democracy;
Soon nothing will be cherished
This time one took for granted
that responsibility assumes honesty.
to keep a word was a philosophy
in Master Olof's time.
That time the media didn't hesitate
to bring up the large questions.
They want to be with their time;
Soon they want nothing.
At the time the journalists were allowed
to go out and engage people.
A high level was a philosophy
in Master Olof's time.
Then one was called upon to think big
and to understand that everything is connected.
To see the world is like a ring;
Soon one sees nothing.
At the time the millions were spent
to realize the visions.
To have a dream was a philosophy
In Master Olof's time.
The new time came on a chilly night.
No one had ever seen a night so dark.
A night which all the people remember;
Then they remember nothing.
So let me say to you, little friend:
A bullet drew us into silence.
But that was never a philosophy
in Master Olof's time.
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På mäster Olofs tid

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