På stormiga vatten (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

On stormy waters

I fell right into the house
where the theories were broken against each other,
where the viscera were opened in the light
in the feverish name of straightness.
It was quack therapy
and cheater's honesty
and matriarchal cliques.
I took my madness and escaped.
We are sailing on stormy waters.
An icy wind blows.
But the stars shine in the night,
and the crew is not blind.
They unlocked and pulled close the curtains
towards the street where the tone was tough.
Where they fought against the machines
at a completely different spiritual level.
I spoke with them outside,
they showed me their wounds.
Then they said, and sneaked a look at the house:
"We can't understand this."
We are sailing on stormy waters.
An icy wind blows.
But the stars shine in the night,
and the crew is not blind.
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From Björn Afzelius notes in his 95 Sånger (95 Songs) Book

"Under en kort period bodde jag i en så kallat kommunistiskt kollektiv i Göteborg. En mer småborgerlig och självupptagen skara människa har jag aldrig sett. Vilken ideolog som helst skulle avfärdat oss inom tio minuter p.g.a. bristande ordning, klassmedvetenhet och allmän politisk kunskap och samhället i stort. Jag stod ut i ett par månader, och när jag samlat intrycken skrev jag denna sång. Medvetet som en country + ett av kollektivets hatobjekt bland de olika musikformerna. Kanske för att country i USA är en av arbetarklassens favoritstilar."

"During a short period I lived in a so-called communist collective in Gothenburg. I have never seen more petty bourgeois self absorbed people. Any ideologist would dismiss us within ten minutes due to lack of order, class awareness and general political knowledge and society at large. I tolerated it for a couple of months, and when I collected my impressions I wrote this song. Intentionally as a country song and one of the collective's hated genres among the different musical forms. Perhaps because country music in the United States is one of the working classes' favorite style"


På stormiga vatten

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