Perdóname (إلى الإنكليزية ترجم)

إلى الإنكليزية ترجم

I'm sorry

I'm asking for peace in this war, I'd like to put down my arms
Paying it with hostility, that doesn't lead us anywhere
I'm proposing a deal, I'm calling on your conscience
Mine is already killing me, the one whois talking to you gave up
He lost all his power and today he's coming to surrender
And to say sorry
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Don't make me cry, I don't know how to tell you
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
What do I have to do, if you want me I'll beg on my knees
I want you to know that I've changed, that being without you has been bitter
Why did I have to lose and walk in the wrong steps
And today I meet you again
I'd like to come back
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Don't make me cry, I don't know how to tell you
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
What do I have to do, if you want me I'll beg...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Chorus: I'm asking for peace in this war, I'm sorry
Because I was wrong and now I'm coming back defeated, regretful and fallen in love
Because I can't take anymore, that's why I come back searching peace, asking for pardon
Without regrets, without reproaches, without culpables or innocents
Let's start all over
I'm asking for a deal, my heart gave up to fight against this love
I had to lose and had to suffer and had to feel what it means to live
In war alone with your heart
I'm sorry, because I can't live if you're not there
I'm missing your presence for you are
The essence giving taste to my exitence
Something more and maybe we'll get along later
Come back to my me, I ask you to forgive me, I'm sorry
In case I offended you I'm sorry, in case I missed out on you I'm sorry
But I cannot take this situation anymore
Well, I'm sad, because since you've been gone
There's no happiness for me, for me life is long
I feel the world is coming to an end, little by little
It's too little, come back soon, cause I need you
I'm dying if I can't see you, believe me, it would be my death
If you weren't at my side anymore, I'm dying of the cold
Because I can't see you anymore, love me like I love you
Love me, those are my worries, that you're not with me
It's no joke I tell you, don't think it's a joke
You are the only one, listen, that makes me fell this way
The happiest man on earth, a deep emotion
Obliging me to sing for you, to cry for you, to ask you, to implore you, to tell you
Not to let me die, loneliness is hurting me and if you leave
Life means nothing to me, I fell the world has come to an end
From one morning to the next, these are few tears for me crying for you
And like I told you that I was gonna die
That's why I'm already here, listen, that's why I already came back
To ask you one more time to forgive me
And with all my heart I came to tell you like this
These are cordial problems, destiny wanted it that way
It's a lot easier to ask you to forgive me
Than to ask for your permission, but it doesn't matter, life is short
Come back soon, time is running out, listen how it goes, my plea
I came to ask you, girl listen, how it goes my plea
I came to ask you, girl not to leave me as sadly as I am now
Look, I'm dying from being lonely and you are the only person
Who unerstands me, and my heart doesn't understand
That you are not at my side, love me
And you'll see how everything will be different, in front of so many people
I came to ask on my knees, although it's not an easy thing
To ask for your forgiveness, I'm speaking from my heart
I'm speaking from my heart, listen to what I'm singing
And I'm talking seriously, come back and grant me the priviledge
To count on your loving, I'm crying like a child
Who misses a new toy, I came back because I love you
Because I love you, I want to stay
That's why I came to look for your love
Please tonight, I came almost, almost on my knees
Treat me a little better
Tonight in Camagi Hall I came to say I'm sorry
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