pick a fight

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Meanings of "pick a fight"


to start an argument with someone

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Rodoljub Roki Vulović - Black Bomber

Don't pick a fight with the defiant serbs
You'll lose your swarm of black bombers
Don't pick a fight with the defiant serbs
You'll lose your swarm of black bombers

Baby Ariel - Perf

No, no, no, nobody this fly
Maybe that's why, oh why, oh why
I'm always tryna pick a fight
When there's nothing I don't like about you

Zoohacker - Best Friends

you'd never feel depressed
I would snap and bite anyone
who tried to harm or pick a fight
Keep me by your side,

the peggies - Dreamy Journey

Each and every flicker we see in the shadows,
Has us trying to pick a fight, laughing or crying in the end.

Tech N9ne - Dysfunctional

Lodi dodi, I'm at the party
On a drunk night with a punk
Might dude was tryna pick a fight because he's sorry
That he ain't Gotti, like I be

Radwimps - TanTrum

what's going on, what is it going on, please you shut up now and ever
what's going on, why should I care that, what the heck should I care
don't anything, anything could be okay, yo-heave-ho, you pick a fight to me
ready set and hut, hut, hut(hut!)

James Arthur - Let's Go Home Together

I'd never have given you a second look
But I like the way you dont give a damn
You seem like someone I could pick a fight with
And dance all night with

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (OST) - Wouldn't Change A Thing

(I try to read her mind...)
It's not good to psychoanalyze.
(She tries to pick a fight to get attention...)
That's what all of my friends say.


I tell you lies
But it's only sometimes
You pick a fight
And I'll define it

Christine and the Queens - Night52

Night 52 was the cruelest of those nights
Would have been easier to just pick a fight
Would have been easier to just pick a fight
Hey yeah

CRMNL - Trouble

[Verse 2]
Same name, won't change
I'm always game to pick a fight or three
Hoods up, suits up

Leehom Wang - Heartbeat

You want to pick a fight with me, well I have better things to do
I don't know how to apologise, I'm not that smart
I just really want to go back to where we were

Alec Benjamin - Love is a Fragile Dance

Car horns are screaming
He's wondering if he was right to
Pick a fight just to argue
But he can't take it back now

Charlie Cunningham - An Opening

Point to the stars
Is bad of your heart
I'm not here to pick a fight
But we can if you like

Bushido - Shark

Man, I'm not your average
German John Doe
Pick a fight with me,
And you'll land in the witness protection program

Paul McCartney - Queenie Eye

Never blame the circumstances,
With romances seldom came,
Never pick a fight you're gonna lose

Cheek - Bridges

and all fucked up speeding up,
although I wave, you won’t move.
I’m too down, don't want to pick a fight,
Don't feel like fighting

Joey Moe - 9 mm

Now we're in trouble again
you want to pick a fight
But I don't want this anymore

Dawko - Like It Or Not

On your left and your right
They wanna pick a fight
But they don't know the truth about themselves

Your Favorite Martian - Orphan Tears

Alright. Chill there. I think a bulimic
Carebear might pick a fight with Jesus
I don't believe it. I'm gonna be sea sick